Friday, August 27, 2010

tea party

This morning Gia convinced you (E) to have a tea party. The agreement was, when we picked you up from school, we would have all of the animals ready for a tea party. Eyan  you love taking care of people. you love cooking for them and playing teacher or waiter. so today you made panda , buddy, and giraffe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....slowly little by little they ate it all ;) you are such a sweet brother to play with your little sister the way you do!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

it's not easy finding a girlfriend

Eyan and i were talking on his bed yesterday and her revealed to me he was thinking of getting a girlfriend. So like a good mom i began to dig, without sounding like i was digging. eyan said their was a girl who had been giving him the eye in the lunch line . When i asked what he did about it, he said, i gave her the eye back.

What eye does a 6 year old give? Why does he know about flirting at 6?

I have to admit i saw this coming for a long time. hes always been a romeo, but i didn't think it would happen this fast. I was very glad today when he announced that getting a girlfriend was just to much work. he said, " momma ,every time i want to ask her something i just forget what to say."

ahhhh young love....

making something out of nothing

I am a cleaning fanatic. trying to balance keeping the house the way I like it, work, kids, feeding an italian husband and fun, well it is a constant struggle. today i made washing some dishes into making a crown for the bubble princess. ( Seriously i was multitasking and ended up with a bubble explosion.) so my little gia and I turned bubbles into crowns and tried to see who could walk with the tallest crowns.

the blog

i have been journal-ling since the birth of my second child, in a small book that is kept up high so little hands cant get into it. but now with the computer age of blogging , i thought it would be fun to take excerpts and pictures and share them with my family and friends. I will still keep a journal.... i love the release of quick scribbles on paper....but this will be a fun outlet for E and G's adventures.