Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tuesday is find day!

So on Tuesdays I like to share some of the great loot i score at the different place I frequent. The place I go to every Tues is the restore. I love the restore for two reasons. One they are a habitat for humanity run store, which is an amazing organization. Second they only carry furniture and home stuff!!! The only negative is they price things a little on the high side.
 I found this amazing mirror, some yummy table runners and this cool wooden bowl I want to paint with old white.

I also found some hardware that I am sure i can use on something. I am trying to get rid of some of the things i have so currently my husband has me on a NOOOO More furniture hold....Hate it when that happens.

to all my treasure hunting, junk restoring friends....happy findings!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

mod podge

  I read about citrus solve, Elmers glue, heat transferring(trying that next), using acrylic, caulking, the list could go on and on. I went with what was easily available and most used and it works great!!

I still have some kinks to work out with the large image transferring, but the ease and low cost of mod podge makes it a winner in my eye.

I printed out a couple of images from the O so talented miss graphic can find
using my everyday 60 dollar lex mark printer...yes its an ink jet printer I printed out these graphics.

I cut around the graphic.  coated it with the mod podge (thin layer) but evenly applied. Placed it where i wanted it. Then I went to bed.
The next morning ...I took a slightly damp rag and rubbed away the paper. I rubbed gently where the graphic was and a little harder at the edges.

                                           easy peasy!!!

used my finger towards the end so that i didn't take off to much of the graphic.

things to remember:

if you are using script it has to be reversed before you apply it.
let it dry over night to get a good bond.
After applying the glue and placing it, take ur finger or the back of a wooden spoon and smooth out the image...very important on the larger images.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

sneak peak!!

Sorry busy working at my salon.  Yes, Yes, I'm a hairdresser.  I have been working in the industry for well..... forever.  I was 18 when i started. I only work three days a week since haveing E and G.   

now that E and G are older and don't demand so much of my time, I can devote more time to doing things I love.  Like thrifting and diy projects and even a little blogging....

So this is just a quick glimpse into the projects that i will be showing this week:

we will be showing transferring printable downloads

and I will show you this mirror that I should have a ready for some beauty shots on Monday.

I also think my husband deserves a love letter...if the weekend keeps going well...and Tuesday I will post my finds for the week.  

I work a little extra this week and then we are off to go camping with the hoble' sorry if I am a little M.I.A next weekend.  I promise I will make up for it.....

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have fallen in love with tables and pots that have beautiful french script on them.  I have been researching different methods to use on different types of mediums.

So today as i will be trying some out for myself....I thought i would post some of my favorite pieces. used a projector.....i am not sure my hand is steady enough for this. this one did not have the methods type she used.....

this is mod podge... which is one the most common ways to transfer and the bird

This is a great website i found listing a ton of different ways to transfer images..
I am excited to start mixing it up a bit and trying different mediums to work with.....happy transferring!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

weathered is always better

After finishing my tea server I was left with a little coffee table who had nowhere to go. I tried moving her all around the house but nothing really worked out. So she had to move on, but she couldn't leave with out a new look.
 She wanted to be funky, she wanted to be weathered. She wanted to have layers of colors just melted all together.

funky little weather legs
now  she's happy!!

She kinda just evolved this way. I started out wanting to keep her top in the dark color and paint the legs in a peacock.  But it just wasn't working for her.

So then I added a little old white and duck egg blue and sanded and sanded.

 It was ok.....but the shiny wood on top just didnt seem to go with all of the distressing everywhere else.

So i got out the milk paint in slate and then, then she was done.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday is find day!

Tuesday...I usually always visit my re-store.  It is a about 3 minutes from my house and I love that they only have furniture and house goodies.  I did do a little antique shopping in Glendale yesterday. I had never been down to the historic district and since I was in the area decided to make a few little stops.

I went to the country maiden  to pick up some milk paint.  she has an amazing little shop filled to the rafters with country signs and some vintage pieces. It was decorated for Halloween which is my favorite holiday, but was a little hard to accept in 114 degree weather.

I picked up slate chalk paint and a little antique crackle to try.

here are some finds from my restore last week...

dont ya love the trunk shot....i got 3 large table clothes  ..silver platter (upcoming project) to large glass door...and an old platter

this is the sequinned table cloth ...i promised to turn it into a wedding cape for my little gia...

Monday, August 22, 2011

the dr.'s watching!!

So since I have to go to the endo today, I thought I would post some recipes for all you diabetics or really anyone trying to eat a little better.  Everyone assumes that being a diabetic means no more candy and sweets.  In reality it has to do with portion, fat and carb consumption.  For us TYPE 1, we no longer produce the insulin needed to turn food into energy.

Before the invention of insulin in the 20's people literally wasted away or starved to death.  You could eat and eat and the body could not turn food into energy.  You would become so dehydrated and your body would eat away at all your fat until you had nothing left to give.

one of my favorite salads....tomatos  mozzarella and basil....with some balsamic and olive oil

So its important to give the body the right amount of protein, carbs and fat.  Like I said it's really something that everyone should try and live by.  For me, I don't just gain weight if i eat bad.  I slowly start damaging my eyes and nerves, kidneys and heart.  

this is dream feilds whole wheat pasta with roma tomato's and goat cheese and basil with olive oil as a light sauce

I do eat pasta.  I just have to make sure its after a good workout, always whole wheat and in moderation.
   Next on my list is learning to bake, high fiber low sugar yummy treats!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a stripper !!!!!

A furniture stripper that is!!  Today I am tackling a project that I am sure will have me in tears by the end of the day. I have stripped before....but never an entire piece.  This piece is cover in yucky ..yellow.. latex.. gloss paint.
I know some people prefer this medium and some people do amazing work with it, but most do not take the time to sand and prep and paint . To make matters worse their are huge globs of dripped paint everywhere on this thing.

This is the last piece of furniture that I have been working on for a friend.  It will be done like the other pieces in graphite and a little distress with grey accents and drawers.

I will keep you posted on my STRIPPING adventure.......wh=ish me luck.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

creepy things that lurk in dressers

Any body who has been rehabbing furniture has a story.  Sometimes the forgotten treasures left in an old drawer are amazing, like miss mustard seeds WWII journal. Usually they are not so amazing and sometimes down right scary.

When I was working on my friends small night stand, I noticed a black object shoved behind the drawer.  It was black and lacy and i though...UGG  ...someones vintage panties...LOL.   I put on my gloves and reached in. I begin to scream because it appeared to be dried blood on them, Double UGG.  Thats when i noticed the panties were not panties, but it was one of those lacy bonnettes women used to cover their rollers in. Then I saw the blood was just rust from some old roller pins attached...O thank goodness!

Here she is after a double coat of graphite....and the start of the distressing

Now ... wouldn't that make you scream!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so many projects and so little time

I have been working on a few pieces for a friend and they have really beaten me down.  Usually I do a piece a week at my own pace, but man when you know you have to get 5 pieces prepped, painted, glazed and waxed in 4 days, ( in 114 degree weather).  Well, its a little exhausting.  Plus when you add to that all the daily stuff I still have, cooking ,cleaning, dropping off and picking up kiddos, and managing the d word ( testing, injections, eating well made food, and exercising everyday) well a girl could just loss her mind. 

here is a peak at some of the stuff i have been doing.
very pretty frenchy side table...just ugly color
I painted it graphite and did dark walnut wax and a little distressing

The table was the easy one.  I had to redo a bed frame that was a nightmare.  It was made of cheap wood and painted by a blind person.
I am still painting that one so have to give photos tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

my big school boy.

I love having you home.  I honestly can not relate with typical joy other parents get when its back to school time. E you are such a pleasure to spend the summer with. You read, played legos, did your math work, cleaned your room. Most of the time you and your sister got along. I am going to deeply miss you.

You are on your way to such an amazing life.  YOU are so very smart and I am so proud of all the hard work you put into school. YOU take half day Mandarin and half day is in English.

Look at how confident you are.
I stand in awe at how sure you are of yourself . You marched right into YOU'RE school right over to the second grade rooms and right into you're class. 
I tried to un pack some of your supplies and you told me to wait till the teacher said it was OK.  I knew that was my que and I left.  I love you booboo bear and cant wait till you come home and tell me all about 2nd grade.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ohhh good gravy..

I have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new shipment of paint. I ordered more graphite for some new projects and some Paris grey (which i have been dying to try).

When i went to my mail box this is what i found

I knew this could not be a good sign...
then when i opened the box......... I knew it was not going to be fun...
They tried to keep it safe it was double wrapped and then paper to make it snug, but at last the throwing and dropping and who knows what else...ended in my sadness...and this
umm...yeah im glad i didnt get a manicure today...

So as i have pleaded before...please Annie ...please get a stockiest in arizona

Friday, August 12, 2011

may i have some more miss....

Add caption
  1. Ok, so its not porridge. It is good for you though. I love cooking for my family and although the kids do not appreciate it yet, I am a pretty good cook.  I got the quick cook skills from my mom and the Italian Rolodex of recipes from my mother n law. The only bad part is that pasta has had to become a side dish instead of the main course in this house because of my diabetes. My husband is not so thrilled about that but he understands that the change is a necessary. 
  2. This salad has beets, blue cheese and honey pecans i used a raspberry vinaigrette that only had 4 grams of carbs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a new piece

So I sold my old credenza and needed a new one. I had really been eyeing this very large one at my re-store and thought it would be a fun challenge. It needed a little wood glue some staples and a whole lot of paint. I spent a good 3 hours painting her ( or is it a him) that was with lunch break and kids interruptions.

I didnt have any paris grey and we have no stockist in AZ....booo!  So whats a girl to do...try to make some gray. I had old white graphite and old violet.  I did about a half a can of old white to 1/4 graphite and a few tablespoons of old violet.  MY husband calls it baby blue ( he was grumpy and didnt like my new piece because he dropped it on his toe).
I think it more of a bluish gray...Its not the piece I want to go their but its okay for now. 

I have been drooling over mrs dream books card cataloge buffet.

see what I mean......
Here are some very ruff photos of the start of my new project...
sorry not a sexy shot......but you get the idea.....70 glam at its best..

after a coat of the homemade gray chalk color
I still have to wax and oil rub the brassy handles but she looks better just cleaned and painted.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here are a few treasures i have found this past week from thrift stores and the brass armadillo mall.

I love candelsticks......

old vanity mirror $12  brass armadillo

Cake stand from goodwill $14

I have a few pieces of furniture that I bought as well, but they are huge and in the garage and its 114  today and I just couldn't bring myself to moving them to get pics.......soon I promise.

Monday, August 8, 2011

chalk+ paint = love

I wanted to try a peacock blue color on a old coffee table so being miss impatient  I went to ace hardware and picked out a small quart.  I am no longer a fan of latex paint...miss annie sloan has ruined me forever. It doesn't distress like my chalk paint, it doesn't have that velvet finish, it isn't forgiving like my chalk paint.

I know it has its place...I think for me its just not on furniture.  I like old real wood pieces...I love to leave the tops au natural, and for me the finish of the chalk paint goes so well with that.

I have to admit I have not tried milk paint....its on my list...

so thank you so much annie sloan for giving us such an amazing product. I have only 4 colors but can't wait to try the other ones. 

here are the 3 out of the 4 i have used

duck egg blue

graphite and old white

I am working on a changing table using old white and accent in old violet.  Stay tuned for that one!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I 'm still trying to figure this thing out!?

I was just diagnosed in feb of this year as a type 1 diabetic. I know a lot of people don't understand the difference between type 1 and type 2. I also understand its like anything else, until it affects YOU, it hard to relate. So here are some facts:
                                                 Type 1

YOU can become type 1 as an adult.
I did not eat too much sugar as a child and now im a diabetic. (yes people have said that to me.)
I have always eat healthy and have always worked out....its a hereditary/ pancreas thing.
I no longer produce everyday I have to give myself insulin to live...without it I would Die.
No matter how much I work out and how well I eat....I still need Insulin to live.
I check my glucose number a minimum of 5 times a day. everyday....365 days a year.
Their is NO vacation from this disease...I count my carbs in every bite of food i put in my mouth...I have to know what level my glucose is before i work out and after...I need to be prepared if I am camping or driving a long road trip...become sick...or going to be running errands.
I have taught my kids to alert people that i am a diabetic... in case I go LOW..and start acting crazy...or they cant wake me up one morning.

I could fill up two pages worth of all the things I have to think about now...but the biggest one  is that I will be around to hold, run and squeeze the daylights out of my grand babies.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ohh I am in BIG trouble

Gia , Gia ohh what a Diva.  You ask me all the time what a Diva is. Well my darling, you are on your way to defining the word baby diva. I was trying to get you ready to go to the grocery store, nothing fancy. you have a new love of wearing your hair down, but unfortunately its half straight and half wavy and always a snarly mess. all I wanted to do was keep it out of those beautiful blue eyes.....and this is what you told me.  "do you want me to look like a present?."

the bow I did.........

G's Way....notice the grin.
I am sooo scared of the teen years......

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tea is served

I have been dying for a coffee/tea server cart for my kitchen.  
I went and bought a few things when my restore had 50 % off the other day.  I scored the cart for 15 bucks,  I had been eyeing it for a week or two but wasn't convinced it was the right piece for that area.  I was soooo wrong.

look at the old wheels and how amazing the duck blue looks with the wood coming thru.

I love that I got to pull out some of my china my in-laws bought me 12 years ago and actually display it.  The silver looks so pretty next to the blue.  This is my new favorite piece, for today at least.

some pics to show what the color looked like before the wax and all the distressing.  

I also did a little white wash using old white and water.  I took a chip brush and very lightly did a few strokes here and there.
you can see how alive the wood becomes after the wax....

party time...