Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tuesday is find day!

Tuesday...I usually always visit my re-store.  It is a about 3 minutes from my house and I love that they only have furniture and house goodies.  I did do a little antique shopping in Glendale yesterday. I had never been down to the historic district and since I was in the area decided to make a few little stops.

I went to the country maiden  to pick up some milk paint.  she has an amazing little shop filled to the rafters with country signs and some vintage pieces. It was decorated for Halloween which is my favorite holiday, but was a little hard to accept in 114 degree weather.

I picked up slate chalk paint and a little antique crackle to try.

here are some finds from my restore last week...

dont ya love the trunk shot....i got 3 large table clothes  ..silver platter (upcoming project) to large glass door...and an old platter

this is the sequinned table cloth ...i promised to turn it into a wedding cape for my little gia...

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