Saturday, August 27, 2011

sneak peak!!

Sorry busy working at my salon.  Yes, Yes, I'm a hairdresser.  I have been working in the industry for well..... forever.  I was 18 when i started. I only work three days a week since haveing E and G.   

now that E and G are older and don't demand so much of my time, I can devote more time to doing things I love.  Like thrifting and diy projects and even a little blogging....

So this is just a quick glimpse into the projects that i will be showing this week:

we will be showing transferring printable downloads

and I will show you this mirror that I should have a ready for some beauty shots on Monday.

I also think my husband deserves a love letter...if the weekend keeps going well...and Tuesday I will post my finds for the week.  

I work a little extra this week and then we are off to go camping with the hoble' sorry if I am a little M.I.A next weekend.  I promise I will make up for it.....

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