Thursday, August 18, 2011

creepy things that lurk in dressers

Any body who has been rehabbing furniture has a story.  Sometimes the forgotten treasures left in an old drawer are amazing, like miss mustard seeds WWII journal. Usually they are not so amazing and sometimes down right scary.

When I was working on my friends small night stand, I noticed a black object shoved behind the drawer.  It was black and lacy and i though...UGG  ...someones vintage panties...LOL.   I put on my gloves and reached in. I begin to scream because it appeared to be dried blood on them, Double UGG.  Thats when i noticed the panties were not panties, but it was one of those lacy bonnettes women used to cover their rollers in. Then I saw the blood was just rust from some old roller pins attached...O thank goodness!

Here she is after a double coat of graphite....and the start of the distressing

Now ... wouldn't that make you scream!!!

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