Monday, August 22, 2011

the dr.'s watching!!

So since I have to go to the endo today, I thought I would post some recipes for all you diabetics or really anyone trying to eat a little better.  Everyone assumes that being a diabetic means no more candy and sweets.  In reality it has to do with portion, fat and carb consumption.  For us TYPE 1, we no longer produce the insulin needed to turn food into energy.

Before the invention of insulin in the 20's people literally wasted away or starved to death.  You could eat and eat and the body could not turn food into energy.  You would become so dehydrated and your body would eat away at all your fat until you had nothing left to give.

one of my favorite salads....tomatos  mozzarella and basil....with some balsamic and olive oil

So its important to give the body the right amount of protein, carbs and fat.  Like I said it's really something that everyone should try and live by.  For me, I don't just gain weight if i eat bad.  I slowly start damaging my eyes and nerves, kidneys and heart.  

this is dream feilds whole wheat pasta with roma tomato's and goat cheese and basil with olive oil as a light sauce

I do eat pasta.  I just have to make sure its after a good workout, always whole wheat and in moderation.
   Next on my list is learning to bake, high fiber low sugar yummy treats!!!

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