Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a new piece

So I sold my old credenza and needed a new one. I had really been eyeing this very large one at my re-store and thought it would be a fun challenge. It needed a little wood glue some staples and a whole lot of paint. I spent a good 3 hours painting her ( or is it a him) that was with lunch break and kids interruptions.

I didnt have any paris grey and we have no stockist in AZ....booo!  So whats a girl to do...try to make some gray. I had old white graphite and old violet.  I did about a half a can of old white to 1/4 graphite and a few tablespoons of old violet.  MY husband calls it baby blue ( he was grumpy and didnt like my new piece because he dropped it on his toe).
I think it more of a bluish gray...Its not the piece I want to go their but its okay for now. 

I have been drooling over mrs dream books card cataloge buffet.

see what I mean......
Here are some very ruff photos of the start of my new project...
sorry not a sexy shot......but you get the idea.....70 glam at its best..

after a coat of the homemade gray chalk color
I still have to wax and oil rub the brassy handles but she looks better just cleaned and painted.

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