Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so many projects and so little time

I have been working on a few pieces for a friend and they have really beaten me down.  Usually I do a piece a week at my own pace, but man when you know you have to get 5 pieces prepped, painted, glazed and waxed in 4 days, ( in 114 degree weather).  Well, its a little exhausting.  Plus when you add to that all the daily stuff I still have, cooking ,cleaning, dropping off and picking up kiddos, and managing the d word ( testing, injections, eating well made food, and exercising everyday) well a girl could just loss her mind. 

here is a peak at some of the stuff i have been doing.
very pretty frenchy side table...just ugly color
I painted it graphite and did dark walnut wax and a little distressing

The table was the easy one.  I had to redo a bed frame that was a nightmare.  It was made of cheap wood and painted by a blind person.
I am still painting that one so have to give photos tomorrow.

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