Wednesday, January 18, 2012

close up of the pool

So here are some shoots of the pool in summer time.  I tried to take some shoots this week but it has been gloomy all week.


We spend a lot of time in the backyard its one of the only ways to escape the 100 + degree heat that starts in may and ends in oct.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I love my house... I have wanted to do a house tour for u for a while...but always worried about the unfinished or not picture perfect parts.

So here it is this month i am going to take you on a tour of my house and show u things I LOVE.....AND THINGS i AM WORKING ON.


This is right outside our slider and small patio.  I know the gate is not sexy, but it allows me to sleep at night. the pool was built when E was 2 and g was in my tummy.  It has an automatic self latching lock that i can lock down  and never worry about it not closing behind me all the way.

This is our gazebo and bbq area.  we live in a.z. so grass is something you do not see a lot of in new homes. it just to expensive to keep watered.

I will show u closeups of the pool and bbq area and break down the ridiculous amount we spent on this backyard.  Live and learn.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things..


I promise to get back into the paint and projects next week. I needed a break from the grind it was messing with my creativity to think i had to keep turning out project after project for the sake of my blog.  I am going to do it at my own pace from now on. 

So here are a few of my current obsessions.....

easy photo tips

Photography.  I will be getting a new camera by the end of this year!
Love the wallpaper in the pantry.
I will wall paper the closets in my house!
                                      Tulle bed skirt tutorial
I will re-do gias room.....not in this color...

take a bold leap into the dark in my play/den room..Crown Moldings Against Dark Ceiling and the trim isn't so 
shabby either.

                                      easy carpet tile floors from FLOR
I will stain the kids room concrete then use these to add color to their rooms!

these are just a few of my favorite things. I have a lot going on this month ( mr. love letters is selling his biz.) we have been trying to sell it for a while so it is a very happy/stressful thing. he will be taking some time off so we will probably be doing alot of hiking and traveling.

till next time......