Monday, February 6, 2012

kitchen tour

So here are some shots of my kitchen.  I love my cabinets and my very bold counters. If i had my way ever 5 years I would change everything, but we live in the real world. Well at least some of the time. We had our house built in 2005 and at that time bold granite was all the rage!

Ok so things I would change:  
 the horrible electric stove...hate it!
I am not loving that make memories sign.
I think I want to paint the kitchen a lighter color.
and lastly i would like the bottom cabinets black.
Oh heck  while I am dreaming i want marble counter tops.

 In reality I LIKE my kitchen

Here is the view into the ??? area.  I think that's where the intended my dining room table to go.  Umm, we are Italian's, dining is a lifestyle.  We have a 12 foot table (PICS NEXT WEEK).  

Blue Nadal Room - Breakfast Table

THIS IS MY INSPIRATION FOR THAT AREA. I love the setup not the material or heavily ornate table. I also love the idea of the cabinet that is tall and enclosed with glass surrounding the window. I am on the hunt for the chairs as we speak!

Sorry for the MIA.  We have been very busy.  I have a garage full of furniture to redo and will be posting new stuff in the coming weeks.

XOXOXO   danyelle

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