Wednesday, February 22, 2012

shabby little hutch

So the hubby sold his distributions  business and is now home. Like all the time. We are looking for another small business to start up or buy but, right now hes just HOME.

I was soo excited to have him home, untill he went crazy picker on me.  He has watched me pick for the last year and do some small projects around the house.

he hated this one....

he doesn't understand my chalkboards or the frames on the wall that have no pictures in them.

But when i sold a cabinet for 200 bucks that I scored for 25 bucks....well he liked that!
and now he drives all around town looking for a deal.

can I show you what hes brought home.

YEAH!  Pomeranian nesting tables!
He is getting better and has scored some interesting pieces. I will be posting some of my re-dos next week.

Here  is to hoping he finds a new business real soon!!!

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