Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas tee.....oh Christmas tree..

I finally feel like i am actually getting some stuff done......yeah!
I made this tree skirt yesterday and started some homemade ornaments..and completed a table runner....go Me!

here is the beauty shots

i got the idea from miss mustard seed....shes amazing!

super easy.Ready..set....Glue....

cut 4 inch sections of fabric. I used muslin.

I cheated and glued them to my very ugly old tree skirt...but You can make a new one out of matching fabric so u dont end up with the red showing thru.

 then grab your glue gun and doce doe...glue pinch ...glue pinch...You get the idea!!!

I LOVE it..and I am ok that i did not make it super professional .  I change my mind and taste waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to much to worry about it lasting for years to come.

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  1. Beautiful! Great job! I would love to attempt this, but don't think I would have the patience. It looks wonderful and your tree is gorgeous! :D