Wednesday, December 14, 2011

subway art dresser

Sorry ..I am totally M.I.A.  This is my busy time for work and home. I have been creating as much christmas magic as I can over here at the love letters house, so projects and buying furniture has been on hold this month. No worries I will return in jan with some fun project and in feb we will be redoing the kids room and making some changes to the family room. So 2012 will be a home year.

 Here is the subway dresser i made for my living room.

You can find the details of how i did it in this post

I love her more and more everyday. I am sure she will move eventually. I still think she is to small for such a large wall. Here is a Shot of the wall which is still a work in progress.

party like a rockstar!!



  1. It's darling! Love the amount of distressing. I am wishy washy on if I want to finish a piece of furniture in a subway art style but your piece is fab and helps me lean more in that direction! Glad I stopped by!

  2. Thanks so much..I love that its completly personal and very distressed.
    I will post on how I distressed it. I tried something different with this one.