Thursday, July 21, 2011

for the love of food

I am married to a Italian man. That means FOOD and a real clean house. The really clean house part, no problem. One of the first comments everyone makes when they come into my house is, "how do you keep your house so clean."  I respond with, "You do not want to know my secret," because its not as much of a secret as a mental illness. I started cleaning up after my family at the age of 12. I would spend Saturday mornings vacuuming and dusting....I still clean my moms house when I go to visit. Like I said its my sickness and it doesnt control my life but I think it helps me feel more IN control of things, and I like Control.

procuitto and melon...turkey meatballs and whole wheat pasta and sausage and peppers.
Like I said married to Italian man means learning how to cook.  I think over the past 12 years I have become a great cook, but now I have the new element of the d word ( diabetes). That word has really made cooking no fun at all.  I have no problem using turkey instead of beef and whole wheat instead of white. I have always been a healthy eater. Its the everyday ups and downs with the numbers and feeling like I try so hard and eat so good and you never know what the meter is going to say....ahggggg... sorry for my little rant.  Lately food just has me all twisted up inside.

On to the positive....I still love cooking a big meal to fill E and G's tummys.  And i love that four out of seven days a week we gather around the table and eat as a family.
turkey meatballs and wheat pasta in olive oil and red pepper sauce
                                         E and G
 One day you will love my meatballs and pasta (with sauce) not just butter. One day you will Love that you grew you with great family traditions of being an Italiano. You will always remember grandma linda's amazing cooking..( and how she never sits down because shes to busy taking care of all of us) You will hopefully pass on the love of the meal to your kids. Gia, I think you will have cooks in that castle you plan on living in but, hopefully you will still manage to sit down at the table every night.

  disclaimer...I cook by taste and intuition and not by measurements .....sorry

recipe: turkey meatballs are made with turkey meat grounded, whole wheat bread crumbs, garlic crushed, sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes and a egg to bind the meatball.

pasta sauce is just olive oil heated with garlic and crushed red pepper flakes....the Italian sauce staple.

the cantaloupe and prosciutto..( a Italian ham)

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