Saturday, July 23, 2011

love letters

taken by you!
E....... I had such a great date day with you yesterday.  You we very excited to see the last Harry Potter (i was too).
It was just you and I . G stayed home with daddy and she was not to happy about it. We got popcorn and I let you have a little soda and we settled in for a very long movie. I think you enjoyed the movie, but i know you loved the special time we had together. I got you a hot chocolate after the movie and you were a good sport to go thirifting with me for a little bit. I know how much you love shopping.

I stand in awe of the little man you have become. I love your long shaggy hair your amazing blue eyes and of course those dimples. I thank you for being such a mellow boy who enjoys a good book and hours of lego play. Most of all I love that giant, open to the whole world, heart of yours...keep it open...never stop being E......I love you bo bo bear.

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