Tuesday, July 26, 2011

paint by numbers

I live "waaayyyy out there", as my friends in Scottsdale call it.  So everything is kinda far from my house. Going to the closest Goodwill is about a 20 min if I am going to be in the area I always make a stop. My son was patiently waiting for me to take him to see Harry Potter as I didn"t want to go on opening weekend. To my luck the Goodwill is right down the kids just looove shoping with me....NOT.

I found two paint by numbers for 14 dollars and had to have them.  I really was into the boy but, im so glad I got the girl to , because after a little googling I found out they go together.

Meet pinkie and blue boy.


i repainted the gold frames

 and blue boy...

I repainted the gold frames in graphite by annie slaon  chalk paint...then lightly distressed the frames.
I love the quirkiness of them..the french meets haunted house vibe, but my husband, hes not digging them.
I might have to put them up for sale...we will see...sooo what do you think?

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