Wednesday, July 27, 2011

love letters

I don't think i have ever took a pic that has captured your amazing personality so well.  My little gia gia pumpkin pea, you are sunshine and rain, lightning and rainbows, laughter and tears all rolled up into one very small package. You constantly bully your older brother. You think at the ripe old age of 4 you know everything. You love to snuggle in bed with me and rub backs. We make up new back rub names, so far we have, karate chop, drums, tickle spiders, rain drops, explosion, shoulder heaven, water, crabby legs and skeleton vibrator.  I put you to sleep last night by  gently rubbing your face, you were out like a light.
You love to sing and dance and have the best fashion sense I know.  So this photo embodies all of that spunk and light you have.
I love you nannie poo poo...

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