Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My pledge
MY LOVES... Unfortunately you will grow up knowing your mom as a diabetic. I was diagnosed in feb right after my 34th birthday.  I had dropped about 15 pounds in two months and was up all night peeing and had a unquenchable thirst.  I went in and my a1c level was 15 at first diag. They had to hospitialize me for 3 days to rehydrate and get controll over my sugar levels.
You now know what the word means, how to alert people if i go low and what needles and insulin are. I am sorry this is how you will remember me....but determined to show you how to live life the best way possible....i Pledge to take care of myself to keep this


in check so that i may hold my beautiful grand-babies on day.

I am sorry that this is a term you will use when describing me on day. I am sorry for the fear in your eyes e when you are witness to my injections, or the worry you carry for me. ( you randomly ask if I remembered to take my insulin). I love you both for the everyday joy you bring me .

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