Tuesday, November 15, 2011

love letters to e and g

So when I started this blog I had every intention of sharing with you MY love letters to E and G, but then I got so swepped up into the DIY movement I kinda forgot what this blog was all about. The problem is I love redoing furniture and making things, so how to I include my Love letters in DIY blog?

I guess I just go with the flow and post things that I am passionate about and the rest will work it's self out.  RIGHT? right.

So i opened up one of my journals this morning and I found this and thought every mom could relate so I am sharing my heart with you all today.....

                                                      not the momma
                                                     a love letter to E

I dont like writing when i feel this way, because you could get the impression for one moment that I don't love everything about being ur mom. But some days. some days I want to lock you in ur room and hide my head under a pillow and scream. I guess as you change I am having to change. change the way I parent. What my role is has changed, how much you need me or don't need me anymore.

I used to provide you shelter then you were born. I use to carry you places then you began to walk. I use to feed you then you started to feed yourself.

now E you turn on the t.v. set the d.v.r and can google anything you want to know. You get up early with your sister fetch a few frozen pancakes and watch t.v. quietly as not to wake me. by the time i get up and start searching for my tea mug, you are dressed and ready to go to school. I am left wondering what my new role is. the edges have been blurred.

That was a moment in time that I would have forgotten about if I had not written it down. I know today what my new role is for my big boy. But at that moment I was left saddened by his growth and accomplishments, left heart broken for my tiny baby. I love to look back at these different moments. I think they help me as a parent. I learn from them ,grow from them and laugh at most of them.

No matter what I do in this life time or what kind of awards I receive......E and G  will always be my greatest accomplishment.

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