Wednesday, November 30, 2011

love letters to my g

You are sugar and a whole lot of SPICE.....and everything nice.

I love that you love to get glamed up.  I love that you want to be so girly and fancy all the time. I do admit that some time I want u to throw on a pair of leggings a tee shirt and run out the door with me. 

That wouldn't be U!

I have learned how to roll with ur fussy, glam girl style....I invented the gypsy bun for u.
( for when I am to lazy to brush ur hair out....I pull it high up on ur head in a bun and add a clip.)

I know that you can always be won over with a little lip gloss and I can make any outfit fancy by letting you add 17 different necklaces and bracelets to the mix.

I love u nanny poo poo!!!

dont u love that my hair is dripping wet but her hair was curled and pinned in a retro updo......what a diva!

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