Wednesday, November 23, 2011

yummy yummy ...get in my tummy!

I love to cook.....But you all know my issue with food.  For those of u who dont...(shhh Im diabetic) .  Oh hell. I am type 1. I have to control my carb intake because I no longer make insulin. Insulin is that  stuff your pancreas secrets to turn food into energy. Non d-listers get to eat all day tomorrow and never wonder how much insulin to inject because ur pancreas functions normally ( lucky U).

Ok. Ok. I will get back to the food.  I am in charge of dessert. These are some of the inspirational desserts I have found!

thanksgiving desserts

I will make the pumpkin tradition!!
15 Desserts in a jar!

Desserts in jars. As they should be.
I love the idea using jars!!

Pinned Image
chocolate pumpkin bites

Pumpkin butter Thumbprints-oh my carbs!!!
pumpkin pie thumb bite cookies....

Happy baking everyone!

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