Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday is find day!

So I have had a little better luck latley. My mom bought me these amazing apothecary jars from P.A...

I apothecary jars. I love vintage shopping back east the stuff is Amazing, I have an old desk and vintage cake stand at my grandmas house in P.a. that is still waiting to be transported. My parents are retiring soon and plan to be snow birds so I told my dad to build me a storage barn to hold all my finds when i come to visit, then a trailer to lug them to A.z. for me. A girl can dream.....

metal mugs like my grandma had for us kids.  These are for E and G's keeps it cold!

frame for my living room gallery wall..and old pie tin for future project.

Here to more great finds and the love of the hunt......

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