Thursday, November 3, 2011 letters project

So my hubby takes care of the outside of the house.  It is his to do with whatever his heart desires. I don't let him have much say on the inside of the house. After 12 years of marriage he is pretty good about living with my craziness of decorating then redecorating. He does not complain of my love of industrial, frenchy, thrifty gothy glam fusion.

This was his Find shall we say.  It is the skeleton of a cactus. He found it at the storage place where we store our trailer, the gentleman who owns the property was going to burn it. That would be a crime. These cactus have lived for hundreds if not thousands of years, they are amazing plants.

Is that not amazing.....that is the inside of a saguaro cactus .

We live in the desert so we keep all of our plants indigenous to the area. I would love to have an English garden and big willow trees but  as they say , make the most of what you got.

I know its hard for people who live in other climates to see all this rock but water out here is expensive and precious. so we use rock in A.Z.  I do have a small strip of grass. Mr. love letters treats it like a PGA putting green.

I have three very large lavender plants that are mine all mine and this spring I will be making raisers for a herb garden. when the lavender comes into boom again I will get some shoots for you.

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