Thursday, November 17, 2011

tutorial for the black dresser....

O.K. u very handy, crafty ladies out in blog land.  I am posting a step by step on this dresser...I am keeping it simple and with lots of pics. That is the way I like my tutorials. Its nothing super new but their maybe something on here that you have not tried or a new way to do it.

Just to let you know I made my own chalk paint and next week I will have the play by play on how that went...

the dresser started out white...Not a fan because it makes the distressing harder...but She was a solid well working dresser for a great price....sooo we can work with it.

I used spray paint this time for something differant..simple ...satin...krylon black

taped off the top....then I primed it in dark grey primer...YOU do not want white......get the grey it saves on the  spray paint and makes for better coverage.

So she has been sprayed over a 6 hour period with 2 cans of black spray paint light stokes in a left to right motion then giving it 30 mmins to dry to do another light coat. It looks very streaky till u slowly build 5 to 6 light coats. In this pic u see me starting the aging process.

so since the wood underneath the black paint is so light...i do this little trick. I paint on dark stain with a q-tip no less.  we are fancy around here.  it works great and i hate cleanup so win win. so as u can see from the photo above i saturate it let it sit for 20 mins then wipe it off...and usually get this

so the..umm script(more like my fancy handwriting) was done with a chalk pen from my local scrap is the weirdest thing.  Goes on clear then turns to this great chalky texture that are ready.....does not wipe off.

Ohh..maybe u noticed my watermark.  I am trying very hard to watermark my photos now. I know they are not award winning quality....yet....but u watch out when i get my new camera!!!

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