Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So i first saw this done  here at lindauer design.

Amazing right!   I love the look it screams industrial chic.  I wanted it in my family room so I needed a bigger dresser to do mine on. I choose this bad boy..

I sanded it down and applied my own version of chalk paint..( i got the recipe from No minimalist)...I will share next week. I want to test it out totally and I have not sanded it down yet .

So I painted the drawers the base color white...

Then i added letters from micheals...I choose to do favorite islands on top drawer...street names on second and family nic names on bottom...I wanted it personal.
I can always paint over it when I want to sell it.
 than I painted right over all of it...

and thats were she is right got crazy and the holidays slapped me right in the face.

I will keep u posted on her and tell u how the chalk paint held up and distressed....

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