Monday, October 31, 2011



Happy Halloween everyone!  This my first Halloween as a type 1 wish me luck staying away from the butterfingers bars.  I thought I would upload some of my favorite diy projects I found this year for halloween. I think the diy crowd is such an amazing talented group of people. I get blown away everyday with the amazing things I find on all of your sites.

 Cool flat back pumpkin
This is sooo me...I love white and flowy but I am a dark girl at heart!

Mummy dogs
I am making these for a friends party today....
 and these but with more fiber so that I can eat them as well
vampire gingerbread men! not just a christmas cookie.
Lace-Patterned Pumpkins
I love these...can U imagine the patience it took.

I could go on for days of all the amazing things people have turned out this year and cant wait to see what u girls have up your sleeve for Christmas!

Have a spooktacular night with all of your little ones.....g is Pocahontas and e is jack sparrow......

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