Saturday, October 1, 2011

mental institution..or creative genus...

I am the only crazy one!!  I am the only one who has 6 projects that I am working on at once. Take those six then add five more to the list of things I just pinned and cant wait to try. I am trying to finish my sons room. I promised him a harry potter themed room and I am trying to be creative and on a budget because I know next year we will be over harry. I also really need to paint my daughters room and start restyling it to a more young lady look...I still have the baby pink from when it was her nursery. I also have my t.v. wall empty because I sold the pics that gave my husband the creeps and I am dying to try a new technique on a dresser. Did i mention I  work also....

...this is blue boy and pinky was on the other side of the tv.  My husband did not like them so I sold them to someone who knew exactly what they were and loved them.

So now the wall is empty and i want to do a gallery wall like this.
photo gallery
I love the round and square frames..I have two round frames just looking for a couple unique rectangular ones I would also love a couple art deco mirrors with it, but finding one for under 50 dollars is not easy!
Pinned Image
Come to momma...this is my dream mirror. I want a whole wall one day in different shapes and sizes.

I am doing a chalkboard wall in my sons room so we can make it a potions and spells wall. I really don't want to paint the wall so I am going to get thick board from Walmart and paint that.

wish me luck!!

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