Monday, October 17, 2011


frames + old cutlery + white spray paint = genius!


Today I have endless errands. I am having trouble with my diabetic insulin regemine. I am no longer in the honeymoon stage and my old dosage just is not working. That makes me frustrated and pissy and really not in the mood for projects or sanding or painting. I am cheating and uploading some eye candy from my  pinterest page for everyone to enjoy...


vampire gingerbread men! not just a christmas cookie.
I love these and will be making a healthy fiber full version so stay tuned
Book Lamp:)
love this...Im thinking my bedroom needs an industrial chic look!!!

love these chairs!
love the vibrant fabric on these chairs...

this is a great idea of using flat and gloss paint in the same color...gigi's room I am trying this !!
Flat paint, then glossy enamel in the same color create a subtle wallpaper-like look. So pretty.
follow me ....if u dare!!


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for sharing the eye candy. Those painted spoons are just the best. I think I need to do that! And the flat/gloss wall is stunning. If only I had the patience to tackle such a project. Take care!

  2. another danylle...with a y..we are very rare!!!
    thanks for the well wishes. today i had a great day of shopping ... which is the known cure for pissy and for stopping by...