Monday, October 24, 2011

let the cleaning begin..

Here is the pic I promised u of my costume....hopefully my friends took better ones at the party!!!
So my family came into town on Friday and they just left minutes ago....soooo...on with the cleaning. I clean like mad before they come to clean again as soon as they leave. It's all good.  I love my family more than anything and wish i lived closer to them. luckily its only a 4 hour drive so we don't go to long with out seeing each other.

So not a lot to show you furniture wise.  I promise to have shots on wed of the dresser and I will go this week and stock up on some new projects. today I will leave you with some great hair tips....I know Hair..but I am a hairdresser by profession.  I have been in the biz for 16 years, gone to Vidal academy worked for Aveda for 10 years even went to NBC studios when I was young and worked in the makeup dept. I still work about 3 days a week in my own studio down in Scottsdale.

So here is a few tips I can give you... are worth a thousand words to a hairdresser.  Please be very specific about what you like and what YOu Dont like when asking for a new do!...Its your hair so unless you know and trust your hairdresser make sure they understand very well what you want.  We creative folks tend to think we know best.

here is a collection of cuts that I think work well on just about anyone.....Classics...well u curly hair girls I will get another post for you....we have hair that needs to be treated special!!

How to flat iron and get volume. Tutorial good length!

here is one of my fav ways to do dark color....with just a hint of ombre highlights

Love this hair!!! long curly hairVolume!

here is a look of gorg bridal the new trend of leaving it down...

Bridal hairbridal hairBridal Hair

bridal hair & makeup

If anyone has a hair question you can always email me and I will do my best to help you  out....see you tomm with some new treasures i have found.....

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