Thursday, October 20, 2011

progress on the dresser

She aint pretty but she is getting closer for her full beauty shots.........

This is what she looked like before...simple white dresser three drawers with a  medium oak top. I wanted to leave a little wood show( it's my thing) so I taped off the top.

Then I primed her in a gray primer......big tip....shake and shake then shake the primer some more.  If you don't the texture is like sand paper not good...
Then after another coat of primer and some sanding I painted it with this 

so the wet shinny stuff around the edges is stain.  Mini wax stain in dark walnut. I used the flat edge of a paint scraper to scrap the edges of the dresser, but since the wood underneath is white i had to stain over it.  I let the stain sit for a good 10 mins then wipe off the excess.

I had this vision of cascading flowers on the dresser but it looked like a Hawaii nightmare so today i am going to try handwriting some script on it instead.

this is a good shot of the detailing but ugg those flowers....I will have new pics on Friday of the new and improved dresser.


  1. Its going to look great! Love the distressing!

  2. thanks Laura....i found this amazing chalk pen at my scrap store and started the script last night...unfortunately my real job got in the way.

  3. Looking good! I can't wait to see your script. Your distressing is perfect. I have such a hard time with it.

  4. thanks danylle...i used the edge of a paint scraper for this dresser....i find it makes that great crisp line on the edges...