Friday, October 14, 2011

sun and fun! Love letter

 The kids and I got out of dodge last weekend and went to hang with family at the river. My parents have a boat and I grew up at the river when we moved out to California. My kids have only been on the boat about 3 or 4 times. Each time they are enjoying it more and more.

So this love letter is dedicated to the joys of parenting on vacation.....

to my g....

You were an angel this weekend! You listened and played so nicely with your girl cousins. You taught them love song baby and made small little dance for everyone to watch. You were also petrified of the boat and the bouncy waves that we encountered on the first day. Luckily you found a comfy seat in the back with mama and enjoyed the second day of boating. I love your bossy take charge skills that you masterly deploy onto other children without them even noticing. I love that when my usually calm and always responsible little boy acts up you know how to play the "i love you" card like a charm.  last but not least i love your to big for you swimsuit that kept falling off ur tiny little butt!

This is an amazing photo of my little man. It shows how all those baby features have started to change to a  very young man. This weekend you had a mean streak in you I have never seen in full force before. You wanted every second to be filled with playing games and non stop doing stuff.  The minute one of us stopped playing war or checkers with you , you cried out, " I'm bored so bored, this is boring." To add to that you were growling and running around to make sure you still had our attention. I knew what you were doing and tried to explain that it wasn't necessary to gain our attention that way, but that only made it worse. So i just sent you to the bedroom and ignored you. You came out eventually and were fully restored to the sweet ,fun loving ,easy going boy I know and love.

I had a great weekend with both of you and things are so much easier now that you are a little older. I look forward to many more boat trips and adventures with both of you!

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