Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How not to hang a wall gallery

That is right I said NOT...I have been collecting silver platters from my local goodwill for about 2 months now. I was so excited to finally have enough to hang in my kitchen. The problem was how to hang them? I have always wanted to try that magically sticky stuff that does not damage your walls and says it can hold up to 30 pounds......yeah...not so much. I don't have a before picture to show you because i wanted to do a photo shoot today when the light was good, but I have an after....

yeah that is what was left of 8 that I hung up!

Here is a before shot of that space  before.....nothing magical at all.   Thats a shot of e and worries its going in my laundry room when i finish painting it!

here is a shot of some of the platters...I left the nice ones untouched but the cheap silver got painted chalkboard black.
my intentions was to make different cutouts to go with the season to attach to the platters.  Like give thanks for thanksgiving or ho  ho ho for Christmas.

so now to home depot to get plate hangers!!!


  1. I read your post on DIY Defects over at Vintage Revivals, and laughed out loud! I had the same thing happen with the same (3M) product, except mine happened with expensive framed artwork. The frames are nicked up now. I have decided that the only good way to use that product is to hang the item the traditional way, and use the 3M product to keep the picture from moving on the bottom back. Cute blog BTW!

  2. thanks so much! I find u are right with the 3m stuff. I used it on my sons room to keep a big chalk board tight to the wall and it works good like that. I actually will post pics of the gallery of platters on Monday....hung the right way!