Thursday, October 27, 2011

tripping on my mirror!!

I love a good vintage mirror. I love when they look old and have that aged look to them. 

Just like this....I love this!!

 The techniques out there with the oven cleaner and muratic acid left mirrors like this:

completely void in areas.  which looks cute with the fabric behind it, but not what I wanted.

I found this oval mirror at goodwill for 8 bucks and thought i would experiment.
sorry this is the back..the front is a plane mirror with a wood frame.
I removed the backing and put some citrus solve on the back part of the mirror to take away the gray paint backing.
citra solve on the back of the mirror...and below is the back side after the silver paint is gone... this is actually the back side of the mirror not the front...this is what my mirror looked like after taking off the silver stuff.  I am not sure if it was timing or the age of the mirror...but it worked out great. The black spots were from the muratic acid.  that stuff is very tricky and can eat thru the whole surface in seconds.  I turned on the hose and lightly sprayed the mirror then dripped the acid on to the mirror.  I could actually here the sizzle....please be careful...then sprayed it off quickly.

I love it the frame is drying and it needs to be aged and stay tune for the beauty shots..

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