Friday, October 21, 2011

dia los muertos

So i am still finishing the dresser but it is coming out way cuter then the flower thing. I will have a peek at it on Monday. Today i wanted to show you my costume idea for a Halloween party I am going to on sat. Lets face it trying to find a cool adult costume at 34 is a little harder then at 24. First They make them all super sexy... which is fine when you are younger. Really ladies even if you have a smoken hot 30+ body it just looks silly to weAR some of these costumes. You can show of your cute bod in great costumes that are...well...more appropriate.

Any who...i spent a fortune on my kids costumes at the Disney store.  the only reason I did is because my little girl wears them all year long.  I wanted to create something for me using my talents. I have been a hairdresser and makeup artist for 16  years! this is my inspiration ....

This is the one I am in love with...the coloring is perfect...I am wearing a flowy colorful maxi is still in the 90's out here and its is costing me around 7 dollars for all the gems lashes and makeup...hopefully I will have pics on sunday for you!!

happy day of the dead.....

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