Friday, October 7, 2011

the little dresser that almost blew away!!

I finally found a dresser to start working on. the weather has cooled down everything was perfect. so I started with a little sanding some taping off the top (I am going to leave it natural.) then about half way into priming the wind started to blow and blow and almost blew my dresser down.  We got another ha-bub..or ha-bob.. basically a dust storm. So this is as far as I got with her.  I wont be able to finish her till next week because this weekend I am going to be ass in the sand and toes in the water. The kids and I are going to the river with the grandparents so I think next week a LOVE letter is in order to them!
I will leave you with some shots of what I got started...

she is a sturdy 80 early 90s dresser with a light top that I want to keep. 

I primed her in gray primer because I am going to paint her black!

inspiration shot:

It will all have to wait till I get back from the water......

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