Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday is find day!!

I am so pathetic this week.  Lately I just have not found that much great stuff. I'm also getting really cheap on my finds and only want them at the best price possible.  my re-store has been killing me lately with $75 dollar price tags on junky side tables from the 80's. I don't get the mentality of pricing thins sooo high.  They have to make money, I get that, but things just sit and sit till they mark it down or have a sale. I think I need to try a new spot.

I did find this very old piano bench...that I painted but still need to age and find the right material for it...

two milk glass salt and pepper shakers.....

old maple syrup server for 25 Cents.....

here is a full shot of the bench!!!


  1. Great finds! Love the bench and the milk glass!

  2. I like the salt & pepper shakers! I visited from Junk in the Trunk link party.

  3. I love the bench! Great finds this week!