Saturday, September 24, 2011


I thought on Saturdays I would post amazing things i found on the web. It could be a project I am dying to try or a new product that works great or just some eye candy photos i find on pinterest.

The first one is something i just tried out this week and worked great on this gross pan i had used to slow cook some ribs....try it!cleaning pans with a dryer sheet!

I simply stuck the pan in the oven with a dryer sheet and water...removed 30 mins later and used a spatula to scrap all the crusted stuff and it slid right off.....Amazing!!

I thought these dryer vent pumpkins are pretty clever too!!
dryer vent pumpkins

clever little pumpkin using a dryer vent!!!
I am also thinking of tearing the carpet up in my kids room and having someone come in and high gloss the cement. I have replaced the carpet once already in 6 years....I hate carpet.
so i have been looking for ideas and this is what i have found.



love this stencil on concrete!!

Painting concrete

so many options!!!

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