Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesday is find day!

Today I will be on the hunt for some new furniture to redo.  Its amazing how you can go from over packed garage to nothing left to paint. I will be looking for some frames to finish a wall project I have been working on......wish me luck!
Here are some finds from last week.

sorry I got so excited i forgot the before shot....but she was a good find!

I love this old cook book called...the delectable past.  it has recipes from the 18th century...i loved the graphics!
this loong bench...will post pics of what i have done to her on wend..

happy hunting!!!!


  1. Thanks JUNk looking forward to your next event!!! I wish I could be a vendor...hopefully next show.
    It is my crazy time in my salon this time of year because of the holidays.