Wednesday, September 14, 2011

love letters

To my beautiful gia, gia pumpkin pea....happy birthday!!  I love ur sweet smile, your big blue eyes, the way you never let anyone get a word in. I love that scar on ur nose because of the bravery you showed in getting 6 stiched and not shedding a single tear. I love that you go full throttle towards everything. I love that I am a clean freak and you are a tornado everywhere you go.

You came to me 5 years ago and silently watched the world go by for months. I thought maybe something was wrong, you barely cried when you got shots, smiled on rare special occasions and laughter came after great prompting. Then one day your blue eyes shined bright and thats when the little girl inside woke up and the world has never been the same!!

I love you my little nanni poo!!!

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