Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tuesday is find day!

Ok so this is a different sort of find......

I found this amazing farmers market right up the street from me....the kids and I had so much fun!!

we got a look at their old barn and as g would say" a real cowboy showed us his farm." I wanted to take more pics, but thought they would  wonder what the city girl was doing taking pics of rusted benches and old sihlos.

I got fresh green beans that i turned into dilly beans...dill beans are pickled greenbeans....see I have some country in me.

actually I have a lot of country in me...I grew up on 7 acres in can take the girl out of the country but ya cant take the country out of the girl!!

that night inspired me to make some fried chicken and biscuits and green bean casserole....yummmy!!

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