Sunday, September 11, 2011

love letters

Oh my sweet sweet E.  One day YOU will eat my day you will ask for seconds. What man does not love a good bowl of chili with cheese and avocado's and fresh cut tomatoes on top. One day you will love my chili. 
One day you might eat something I cook. You are the worst eater in the entire planet and it drives me CRAZY!! We had you sit at the table for an hour today trying to get you to eat a couple of bites of the chili.  I made it very mild and topped ur bowl with a huge helping of cheese then gave you scoops to eat it with thinking you would have more fun. OHH NOO! All I got were those big blue eyes staring at me. Looking like i put Rat Stew in front of you.

One Day You Will Love MY Chili!!!

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