Friday, September 23, 2011

attention deficit decorator

I always wonder why I can never fully complete a project. I always have at least two projects going on at one time. If I am doing a simple update to a vintage piece then the other project has to be wild and fun, its like have split personality disorder.

For example, when I was working on the 80's dresser with mod podge drawers and heavy glazing, I was also working on this 1950's coffee table.
I love both pieces but they are so very different...stay tuned on Monday I will break down the coffee table...

I will leave u with some full shots of the dresser. Sorry she posed outside with sad overheated dessert plants as background...its back to 108 here in A z.....yuck!
before....she was a mess!!

but after a little love..

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  1. Very pretty! Love the 3 toned effect!


  2. Great re-make, so well done! Stopped by from Creative Me Monday to say hi & check out your cute project.