Thursday, September 22, 2011

sunday gravy

One of the first words I learned in Italian was gravy, I know, I know its not a real Italian word. If you are from new york then you know this means sauce. Our sauce is usually cooked on a Sunday all day on the stove on low. we usually pour it over pasta and my husband eats it with "pot cheese", riccota cheese for you non Italian speakers out there. Honestly I think his family makes up these weird terms for their food.

As a diabetic I dont indulge in pasta like I use to but I believe we can all eat everything as long as its in moderation.

Here is a peak at what my kitchen and sauce looks like...I make the sauce with everything fresh.
I use roma tomato's fresh Italian parsley, fresh basil and garlic lots of garlic. I add one can of crushed tomatoes also. I make a ton a different sauces but this one is fresh and simple.

nothing is measured ...sorry..
extra virgin olive oil
red pepper flakes
whole clove of garlic
salt pepper
oregano...a dash
tomatoes roma....and one can crushed
sauteing the garlic and olive oil and the parsley...yes thats all the garlic not onions...
 sometimes a dash or two of sugar if the can of tomatoes are a little sour. I put the garlic in olive oil first to saute then add the red pepper the tomatoes them parsley then crushed can then the basil....its sit on low and gets stirred every now and then most of the afternoon. I make half a pot of sauce and freeze half of it for hubby to use when I work late.
gia helping with the the pink polish!
The best part is letting the kids help so that these traditions get carried on and on. The men in my husbands family are amazing cooks and they all help in the process...I love that about Italian men!!

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