Thursday, September 1, 2011

love when the hubby is on the same page!!

I have been married to Mr. LOve letters for 12 fun years.  We were just a couple of kids when we meet.  I was in beauty school and he was working at a industrial bolt supplier.  We have had such a blessed life, taking a ton of chances on different business thru the years. WE manage to always have each others back. That is what I think makes it work.
he never gets to fish just untangle E and G's line....

Thank you for always being up for an adventure, for being a gypsy at heart, but keeping your feet grounded for E and G. Thank you for your support of me working 50 hours a week or 10, for not being afraid to tell me when I am out of line and knowing when to zip it. For the laughs the crys and most of all my E and G.

Im looking forward to a new adventure with you......bring it!!!
Happy birthday my love!!!!

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